Monday, May 31, 2010

Eighties Fashion Style

She's the pop singer seen jogging in Central Park. Madonna captured the style and fashion sense of generation. Especially teenage girls in the 1980s. Madonna is among the most influential people of the 1980s.

Madonna has always had a special relationship with the media. While many stars try desperately to avoid the paparazzi, Madonna has the power to manipulate the media to her advantage.

In 1985 Madonna ruled the airwaves and MTV too. Madonna at her peak was making music, videos and even movies at a fevered pace. Madonna had the media all sewn up by the mid 1980s. Madonna never had too much trouble from the paparazzi. She, in fact, seemed to embrace the photographers throughout her early career.

From her wildly teased and colored hair to the return of lace and fishnet stockings, her accessories were outrageous, and girls around the world wanted to be like Madonna even going so far as to add her trademark mole to their cheeks.

eighties fashion
eighties fashion
eighties fashion
eighties fashion
eighties fashion

Paris Fashion Week

Paris Fashion Week as always was a major destination for the designer crowd recently. Boasting some of the hottest names in the industry and an A grade guest list, Paris is the home of Haute Courture.

Naturally plenty of press were on hand to give a blow by blow description of each days high and low lights. Now that the closing ceremony has come and gone the critics have given their overview of proceedings and as always it has involved an over use of adjectives and overstating the obvious.

paris fashion week
paris fashion week
paris fashion week
paris fashion week
paris fashion week

Dress Whites - Rota Command Change 2008

How To Handle the Recession - Riga Style

Global rebound anemic: Roubini
SAO PAULO (Reuters) - Advanced economies face years of anemic growth and the risk of a double-dip recession as their citizens cope with sluggish employment and highly indebted governments, economist Nouriel Roubini said on Monday.
A sovereign debt crisis in the euro zone has rattled financial markets in recent weeks as investors worry that fiscal austerity measures dictated by a $1 trillion European Union-International Monetary Fund rescue plan could stifle already hobbled global growth.

So what can you do when the news is bad and it is just so ugly out there...well in true European fashion you can always take to the streets as these luscious Latvian blonde barbies did.
Latvia blondes hold festival to beat recession blues

Hundreds of blonde Latvian women have been marching through the capital Riga to try to bolster the national spirit in time of recession.
Most of the participants dressed in pink and wore high heels.
The blonde parade began last year and was planned as a one-off but it is back by popular demand and is now a two-day festival.
Latvia has been hit badly by recession. Its economy shrank by 18% in 2009 and it has Europe's highest unemployment.

Yeah, those blonde babes really know how to rip it up in Riga!

Marika Gederte, president of the Latvian Association of Blondes, told the BBC the idea came out of the economic gloom.
"I was so tired, you know, every day opening the computer and reading the newspapers and just reading about problems. We decided... let's do something nice. And I asked myself the question: what can I do for my country? And this is what I did... We are very proud to be blonde."

Proud to be blonde? She's got to be kidding.
Obviously she has having a 'blonde moment" when she said that.
No wonder we have so many blonde jokes.

On a plane flight from Seattle to Chicago, a blonde was sitting in economy class. About half way through the flight, she got up and moved to an empty seat in first class. A flight attendant who observed this, went over to her and politely explained that she had to move back to economy class because that was what her ticket was for. The blonde replied, "I'm blonde, I'm beautiful, I'm going to Chicago and I'm staying right here."

After several attempts to explain to the blonde why she had to return to economy class, the flight attendant gave up. She went to the cockpit and explained the situation to the pilot and co-pilot. The co-pilot said, "Let me try." He went up to the blonde and politely tried to explain to her why she needed to return to her seat in economy class.

But the blonde only replied, "I'm blonde, I'm beautiful, I'm going to Chicago and I'm staying right here." Frustrated, the co-pilot returned to the cockpit. He suggested that perhaps they should have the airline call the police and have her arrested when they land.

"Wait a minute," said the pilot. "Did you say she's blonde? I can handle this. My wife is a blonde. I speak Blonde." So he went up to the woman sitting in first class and whispered something in her ear.
"I'm sorry," said the blonde, and she promptly got up and returned to her seat in economy class.

"What did you say to her?" ask the astonished flight attendant and co-pilot.
To which the pilot replied, "I just told her that first class isn't going to Chicago."

Happy Monday

Sex and the City 2 Waves

Whether it was on the bustling streets of Manhattan, or the rolling sand dunes in Morocco, Frank Barbosa, Hair Department Head on Sex and the City 2 made sure that the four leading ladies didn’t have a hair out of place.

We’re all counting down the days until May 27th, when one of the most anticipated sequels releases and we can catch up with the girls. It’s a given that we’ll be in store for some fabulous fashion, but Frank leaks that we’re going to get a hair-full as well.

Here is the how to for becoming a Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte or Miranda yourself.

For the girls’ relaxed natural waves seen at their desert picnic:
  • Start out with a basic blow out.
  • Spritz hair with René Furterer finishing spray instant hold for a foundation. 
  • Using a curling iron with a 1 ½ barrel, wrap hair around the iron without opening it and securing it under the clamp.
  • After unraveling the curl from the iron, pull the curl out by running your fingers through it.
  • Repeat around entire head.
  •  Finish off the look with a few spritzes of René Furterer Fioravanti no rinse detangling spray to add shine.  
René Furterer finishing spray instant hold retails for $27 for and René Furterer Fioravanti no rinse detangling spray retails for $26 and both are available in salons nationwide and at

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Wholesale Jeans For Plus Size Body

Jeans For Plus Size Body

Wholeswale Jeans For Plus Size Body

Wholeswale Jeans

Girls Jeans

friday: Baza Art Kranj

On friday afternoon me, my friend Lucija and her boyfriend went to china restaurant in Kranj. The food was soooo delicious. I ate spicy sour soup - I love this soup so much. I even try to make it at home but I didn't find all ingridients so it was.. I will say different :D For main dish I had sweet and  sour chicken - my fav <3

V petek popoldne sem šla s prijateljico in njenim fantom v kranj v kitajsko restavracijo. hrana je bila zelooo okusna. jedla sem kislopekočo juho - obožujem jo (nekega dne me je celo prijelo, da bi jo pripravila doma, ampak mi nekako ni uspela, ker še nisem prišla do vseh sestavin - no vsaj recept imam). za glavno jed sem (spet!) izbrala sladkokislega piščanca.. mmm.. ne morem se naveličati tega okusa :)
Then we went to the old part of town Kranj to check out the new event called Baza Art. It's a place where young designers present their creations.
here are some pictures. They're taken with my new cell phone cell phone samsung b3410w. I finally have a new phone. It was about time!

Potem smo se odpravili v staro mestno jedro kranja, kjer se odvija dogodek Baza Art, kjer mladi oblikovalci predstavljajo svoje kreacije. Za vas sem naredila nekaj fotografij s svojim novim telefonom... bil je že skrajni čas, da si ga omislim :) upam, da ne bo kmalu žrtev moje nerodnosti :D
Baza Art
tanja drinovec beadhabit

zelolepo by edita nardin
pisanonakozo by simona kogovšek
look what my phone can do :D

In Memoriam For The British, Canadian and US Troops

2010 Best Bridal Gown

2010 Best Bridal Gown

Best Bridal Gown

Beautiful Bridal Gown

Best Wedding Dresses

First Edition: Guess Whose Hair!

Guess whose hair this is!  Here's a clue.... she's been featured right here on The Anti Hair Slave before. 

Here's another clue... it's not me! She is related to me...

The answer, more pictures, and her hair care regimen after the JUMP!

If you guessed, GRAM!  Then you are RIGHT!!!! Yup ladies that's my grandmother.  I swear as she gets older her hair just gets longer and thicker and these pics were taken after they stylists cut about 2-3 inches off her hair. 

Isn't gram supercute?!!?  I know!  Okay so basically, Gram uses whatever shampoo and conditioner is in the house.  She leaves her conditioner on for a least 5 minutes with no heat, then she blows and curls her hair.  She does that once a week and she might touch up her bangs once during the week if needed with the curling iron.  She loves Biosilk for shine and that's pretty much it.  How simple is that?!?  None of this moisturizing and sealing every night or using growth aids.  One thing she does do it put her hair in a ponytail and cover it with a scarf before bed. 

She is self-relaxed and she touches it up every 8 weeks and self-trims as needed.  She also colors her hair, either she'll do it herself or I'll put it in for her. 

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Saturday Night Music - Jack Johnson Gone

Beauty Giveaways: Still Time to Enter

Hello Beauties! 

There is still time to enter the CoverGirl Smokey Shadow Blast giveaway and there's still time to enter the Avon Glazewear giveaway

Good Luck Ladies! 

Patricia Field's House of Field

MCM Hosts Patricia Field&apos;s Swimsational Soiree For Sex & The City 2 Inside

I was so bummed that I had to work the night of Sex and the City 2's costume designer Patricia Field's House of Field Eyewear, Swimwear, and Beach Towels in NYC. The hairstyles were fierce! Check out how Redken created the hair styles for presentation!
MCM Hosts Patricia Field&apos;s Swimsational Soiree For Sex & The City 2 Inside

To complement the ultra stylish and super glam looks designed by the queen of costume designing herself along with David Dalrymple, Rodney Cutler for Cutler/Redken pushed the envelope in hair styling as he created the perfect youthful fishtail-ed updo to play on Patricia’s eye for sophisticated fashion: “The high fishtail braid is a fun evening looking and very wearable. We've seen so many buns up top and this is just taking it one step further," explained Cutler.

MCM Hosts Patricia Field&apos;s Swimsational Soiree For Sex & The City 2 Inside

To create the look, Rodney prepped hair by applying Redken align 12 protective straightening lotion and blow-dryed through with a medium brush. Next, he tightly gathered into a high ponytail on the very top of the head, about three inches from the hair line and secured with an elastic. He then took a small piece of hair and wrapped around the elastic and secured with a bobby pin. Next, a fish-tail braid* was weaved down to the end of the hair and pinned in upon itself right at the hairline. The look was finished with Redken vinyl glam 02 mega shine spray for shine and Redken forceful 23 super strength finishing spray for extra strong hold for a look that undeniably shouted “Hello Lover” on the runway!

*Need a step-by-step on creating the perfect fishtail?

1) Split the hair to be braided into two equal sections

2) Pull a small strand of hair from the left section and add it to the right section

3) Then, pull a small strand of hair from the right section and add it to the left

4) That will create a small X

5) Repeat until all the hair is used

6) Secure with a clear plastic band

show list for next year


  • 90210 (CW) 
  • 30 Rock (NBC) 
  • The Amazing Race (CBS)
  • American Dad (Fox)
  • American Idol (Fox)
  • America's Next Top Model (CW)
  • The Bachelor (ABC) 
  • The Big Bang Theory (CBS)
  • The Biggest Loser (NBC)
  • Bones (Fox)
  • Brothers & Sisters (ABC)
  • Castle (ABC)
  • The Apprentice (NBC)
  • Chuck (NBC)
  • The Cleveland Show (Fox)
  • Community (NBC) 
  • Cougar Town (ABC)
  • Criminal Minds (CBS)
  • CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (CBS)
  • CSI: Miami (CBS)
  • CSI: NY (CBS)
  • Dancing with the Stars (ABC) 
  • Desperate Housewives (ABC) - new cast: Wilhelmina Slater from Ugly Betty :DD najsss 
  • Family Guy (Fox)
  • Friday Night Lights (NBC)
  • Fringe (Fox)
  • Glee (Fox) 
  • Gossip Girl (CW)
  • The Good Wife (CBS)
  • Grey's Anatomy (ABC)
  • House (Fox)
  • How I Met Your Mother (CBS)
  • Human Target (Fox)
  • Law & Order: SVU (NBC)
  • Lie to Me (Fox) 
  • Life Unexpected (CW)
  • Medium (CBS)
  • The Mentalist (CBS)
  • The Middle (ABC)
  • Modern Family (ABC)
  • NCIS (CBS)
  • NCIS: Los Angeles (CBS)
  • The Office (NBC)
  • One Tree Hill (CW)
  • Parenthood (NBC)
  • Parks and Recreation (NBC)
  • Private Practice (ABC)
  • Rules of Engagement (CBS)
  • The Simpsons (Fox)
  • Smallville (CW)
  • Supernatural (CW)
  • Survivor (CBS)
  • Two and a Half Men (CBS)
  • V (ABC) 
  • The Vampire Diaries (CW)

ended / canceled

  • 24 (Fox)
  • Accidentally on Purpose (CBS)
  • The Beautiful Life: TBL (CW)
  • Better Off Ted (ABC)
  • Brothers (Fox)
  • Cold Case (CBS)
  • The Deep End (ABC) 
  • Dollhouse (Fox)
  • Eastwick (ABC) 
  • FlashForward (ABC) - WTF ?!?
  • The Forgotten (ABC)
  • Gary Unmarried (CBS)
  • Ghost Whisperer (CBS)
  • Hank (ABC)
  • Heroes (NBC)
  • Law & Order (NBC) 
  • Lost (ABC)
  • Melrose Place (CW) - CW I hate you !
  • Mercy (NBC)
  • Miami Medical (CBS)
  • New Adventures of Old Christine (CBS)
  • Numb3rs (CBS)
  • Past Life (Fox)
  • Romantically Challenged (ABC)
  • Scrubs (ABC)
  • Sons of Tucson (Fox)
  • Three Rivers (CBS)
  • 'Til Death (Fox)
  • Trauma (NBC) 
  • Ugly Betty (ABC) - Noooooooooooo

new pilots

  • Better Together (ABC)
  • Body of Proof (ABC)
  • The Cape (NBC, midseason)
  • Chase (NBC)
  • Detroit 1-8-7 (ABC)
  • The Event (NBC)
  • Friends with Benefits (NBC, midseason)
  • Happy Endings (ABC, midseason)
  • Love Bites (NBC)
  • Mr. Sunshine (ABC, midseason)
  • My Generation (ABC)
  • No Ordinary Family (ABC)
  • Off the Map (ABC, midseason)
  • Outlaw (NBC)
  • Outsourced (NBC)
  • Perfect Couples (NBC, midseason)
  • Undercovers (NBC)
  • The Whole Truth (ABC)
What do you think? I am sad, because Flash Forward, Melrose Place and Ugly Betty are canceled. I am sure I'll not miss Lost because the season finale was.. amm.. I just didn't like it. :D

Lifestyle Leak: Summer Vacas for Cheap

Be cheap and chic when you book your next summer vacation!  Gilt Groupe, a invite only sample sale site that has recently expanded it's cheap chic empire by adding Jetsetter into the mix!  Jetsetter is a private online community that provides members with insider access, expert knowledge, and exclusive deals on the world's greatest vacations. All of the properties featured are hand-selected by the Gilt team of globe-trotting correspondents, and sales last five to seven days. Their philosophy is that travel should be fun and easy — and that includes the planning part.

Check out some of the available vacations! 

Thinking about visiting the ancient Mayan sites this summer

Le Rêve Hotel & Spa
Playa Xcalacoco Fraccion 2 A
Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Garden Suite - 371 sq ft with queen bed, private garden and terrace with private roman bath from just $120 a night

A romantic get-a-way to Paris in the stars? 

Mon Hôtel
1, rue d’Argentine
Paris, France

Deluxe Room - 200 sq ft or more with a queen bed from $190 a night

Ready to join and stalk the site until you find you're perfect vacation?!?  Here's your invite thanks to The Anti Hair Slave.  You're Invited!

Beauty Break: Coach's Poppy Scent

Summer 2010 is going to be a big time for Coach!  You're favorite classic brand is going to launch a scent that will be available at department stores and speciality stores, expanding the brand drastically. 

“Coach is an iconic brand with an extremely loyal consumer base and has proven time and again to be both relevant and innovative in today’s marketplace,” stated Veronique Gabai-Pinsky, Global Brand President, Aramis & Designer Fragrances, BeautyBank and IdeaBank. “We have a great opportunity to build upon the success we’ve seen with Coach Beauty by expanding our distribution here in the U.S. and around the world.”

Poppy is expected to be a huge hit and the notes sound amazing! Bright cucumber top notes, juicy mandarin and bright baby freesia buds; a heart of jasmine, pink water lily, Southern gardenia, red candied rose petals and crème brûlée accord, and a drydown of cedarwood, bleached sandalwood, vanilla and whipped marshmallow. 

Source: WWD and AOL Stylelist

Lifestyle Leak: Eat, Pray, Love Book 2 Movie

Eat, Pray, Love: One Woman's Search for Everything Across Italy, India and Indonesia I went to see Sex & the City 2 solo on friday morning (going to the movies solo is was on my bucket list and I figured what movie is more fabulous than SATC2?!?)  Anyway, don't fret this won't give away any spoilers because what I want to chat about is a preview I saw for Eat.Pray.Love starring Julia Roberts.  Up until I saw that trailer I never even knew what the book was about, but now I HAVE to read the book before I venture out (solo again!) to see this movie. 

Watch the trailer and see what I mean!  Anywho, I found the book Eat, Pray, Love on for just $7.31 so if you haven't read it yet, buy it and read it with me! 

Without spoiling the book for me tell me what you loved about it! 

Anne Keothavong In Action

Anne Keothavong has claimed she would have done broken into the world's top 50 years ago were it not for “unprofessional people” at the Lawn Tennis Association.
The 25-year-old rose four places to 48th in the rankings, following her run to the semi-finals in the Cellular South Cup in Memphis last week.
She is the first British woman since Jo Durie 16 years ago to make it into the top 50, and it continues the relatively late blossoming of a player who was ranked 134th 12 months ago.
But, although Keothavong is now content with the support provided to her by the LTA, she has criticised the sport's governing body in Britain for hampering her progress earlier in her career.
The Londoner, who turned professional in 2001, said she was now reaping the benefits of working with coaches she could trust.

Anne Keothavong
Anne Keothavong
Anne Keothavong
Anne Keothavong
Anne Keothavong