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Bad Behavior - Would You Buy Your Fashion From A Fascist?

No, I just can't let this one go.
John Galliano and his racist rants
Not once, but twice from Le Perle in Paris
It's one thing to be a flamboyant freak with a flair for fashion

It's another thing to be drunk in public in a cafe spouting anti-semitic remarks
and being filmed making such remarks
and as we all know
in vino veritas

Would you buy clothes designed by this man?
No I didn't think so
and neither did Bernard Arnault.
LVMH has suspended Galliano from Dior.

Partly because I loved the historical references and the theatrics,
I always looked forward to seeing what Galliano brought to the runway. 
Sadly no longer. 
Even if he gets reinstated as the creative director at Dior (not likely) or taken on by some other atelier
I won't be able to appreciate his work
Sorry but no fashion from a fascist for me.

And  Kate at Make Do Style has more to say on the matter
go read her post.

Kate Spade Fall 2011 Collection Hair

It was Swinging London supermodel Jean Shrimpton who inspired the fashion, hair and make-up at the intimate presentation of the Kate Spade New York Fall 2011 Collection. Think Jean Shrimpton meets Grace Kelly for Breakfast at Tiffany’s. “We took direction from the iconic photographs taken by David Bailey of his most famous muse, Jean Shrimpton, so the overall look definitely has a mod ‘60s vibe,” said the show’s fashion stylist Brad Goreski.

From a little black dress with a romantically ruffled neckline to swingy silhouettes in an explosion of bright lipstick colors, to ladylike cardigans and nipped-in, beautifully cut trench coats, Creative Director Deborah Lloyd’s collection captured what Kate Spade New York is renowned for: “retro debutante chic.”

The nod to Carnaby Street started at the top, with hair playfully coiffed into Shrimpton-style loose waves and side ponytails by celebrity stylist Matthew Monzon of Exclusive Artists Management. To create his fresh, modern take on mod style, Matthew and his team relied exclusively on styling products by René Furterer. “The interpretation is sexy, but a little looser than Shrimpton’s style. And because the make-up by make-up artist Romy is such a LOOK—black liquid liner and bright coral lips—we kept the hair easy and free.” Here’s how Matthew pushed the cool chic of the ‘60s into the easy elegance of the moment.

Rock the Look:

« First, I lightly misted hair with water, and then sprayed it René Furterer Fioravanti Shine Enhancing No Rinse Detangling Spray, working it through to prep hair for styling.

« Next, I smoothed the ends with a little René Furterer Myrrhea No Rinse Silkening Fluid. I pumped out a generous amount of René Furterer Vegetal Mousse—the size of a snowball—and emulsified it in my hands.

« Then I worked the mousse through hair as I rough-dried it, using my hands and my T-3 blow-dryer. This creates volume with staying power. Mousse got a bad rap in the ‘80s because it left hair crunchy. But the Vegetal Mousse is one of my favorite products because it has shine enhancers and leaves hair silky.

« Once hair was dry, I used my medium-barrel Hot Tools curling iron to make loose waves. I left hair smoother at the crown, taking sections starting from the ear downward. I left the last inch and a half of each section uncurled so that the finished wave wouldn’t be too springy.

« After all sections were curled, I gathered hair into a low side ponytail and secured it with an elastic band. I kept the crown close to the head, but not too flat. The idea was to make hair look as if the girls had raked their fingers through their hair.

« Then I wrapped a small section of hair around the elastic and slipped in a small, one-inch bobby pin to hold the section in place.


« A dab of René Furterer Karité Intense Nourishing Conditioning Cream lightly worked into the ends added definition and shine. Last, I gave hair a misting of René Furterer Vegetal Finishing Spray, lightly ruffling hair with my fingers to keep it light and airy.

« For the hair looks that were left long and loose—no ponytail—I simply worked my fingers through each model’s hair as I sprayed it with Vegetal Finishing Spray—again, to achieve a beautiful, weightless look.

Beauty Break: Nicole Richie @ QVC

I love Nicole Richie! She's made such an awesome comeback and I'm really happy to see things on the up for her. She was recently spotted at the QVC Red Carpet Style Awards. Celebrity Makeup Artist Carol Shaw used on LORAC products to make her look extra FAB!

First the skin was primed with aquaPRIME, next Shaw applied, Breakthrough Performance Foundation in SMS 6 and dabbed Double Feature Concealer/Highlighter in DF 2.5 where needed and finally everything was set with Translucent Touchup Powder in TL 2.

Shaw used the LORAC Red Carpet Reveal Palette to create the beautiful purple eye look and lined eyes with Front Of The Line PRO in Black. The eyes were finished off with Visual Effects Mascara in Black.

Shaw brightened up Richie's face with Perfectly Lit Luminizing Powder in Spotlight and TANtalizer Baked Bronzer to give her a sunny glow.

For the lips, Shaw used lined the lips with lip pencil in 06 and filled in with Breakthrough Performance Lipstick in Nude Scene topped with Couture Shine Liquid Lipstick in Vintage.

Richies eyebrows were filled in with Creamy Brow Pencil in Brunette

No short dress is complete without TANtalizer Body Bronzing Luminizer to wake up pasty winter legs.

Visit Beauty Blvd. to see how to recreate the Fashion Look!

EXCLUSIVE: Relaxer Tips from Will Williams

Will Williams is a master level hair stylist and barber as well as the Director of Education at M&M Products Company, the parent company of Sofn'free GroHealthy. Here he shares his tips on prevent relaxer irritation, including one interesting question I've never had asked by any stylist. Williams also explains how you can prevent irritation even if you've been scratching your scalp pre-relaxer.
William asks, "have you had any anesthesia (local or general) since your last visit or in the last 3 weeks?" and "have you used any permanent hair color since I last saw you?"

I never even thought that anesthesia would have an effect on the hair, and this is important for all you ladies out there who wait until after delivering your baby (with an epidural or via c/s) to get a relaxer. Williams explains that anesthesia and permanent hair color can, "mean that your hair is structurally compromised and the relaxer should be delayed until the medications is removed by shampooing. In the case of permanent color we need to wait until new growth appears that hasn't been colored or relaxed before applying relaxer."

Williams also digs deeper, wanting to know from a client if she has been scratching unintentionally (removing dandruff flakes, targeting an itch with a comb, pen, pencil or other pointed item). Even including, wanting to know if she brushes the hairline trying to hold it down so the new growth of the hairline doesn't appear to be out of texture with the more relaxed look of the interior. These are ways to irritate the scalp without even realizing that you've been doing so. If you have been irritating your scalp without knowing it, Williams takes special care to base the entire scalp.

Williams continues the questioning, "If she tells me she doesn't scratch or brush or didn't shampoo vigorously in the last three days, I ask if she inadvertently scratches her scalp in her sleep. That's my "trick question" to make sure I better understand the condition of her scalp."

Then offers up some assistance for the problem: "For women I know who have a chronic itch/scratch cycle, I recommend a pre-shampoo treatment the week prior to relaxer. This helps to guard against the de-fatting of the scalp during the relaxer service. Naturally, I recommend the oil that you like in our lineup, Sofn'free GroHealthy Three-Layer Growth Oil. Just saturate the scalp, massage gently, let it set for at least five minutes (more if you like to penetrate the scalp and reach sub-dermal areas) to keep the scalp calm during the week before relaxer. Also, our Three-Layer Growth Oil or Strengthening Creme can be used on the scalp prior to salon visit the day before or even the day of the relaxer to help guard against possible scalp dryness and de- fatting."

The big message: Always cover the scalp with base protection, because the same process that is reducing curls in the hair is also reducing corresponding elements in the skin.

January Jones @ Unknown Premiere

Over the weekend I visited my local Cinema Suites and reclined in lazy boy recliners, snacked on mozzarella sticks and enjoyed a drink all while watching the movie Unknown, which I thoroughly enjoyed by the way.
At the premiere of Unknown January Jones broke out of her typical 'old hollywood' style and rocked a Alexander McQueen dress with an bold red lip and asymmetrical hairstyle. Jenny Cho, Suave Professionals Celebrity Stylist, created the hairstyle.

“We’ve all seen January Jones look stunning with beautiful retro hair styles so for this event, my vision was to do something as interesting and edgy as her Alexander McQueen dress. To compliment the strong military vibe, I wanted her to have a modern toughness to her hair but still have a sexy edge” says Jenny Cho, Suave Professionals Celebrity Stylist.

1. With a tail comb, section off the top of hair. Using the arch of the eyebrow as a guide, make a “V” shape to the other side for a deep side part. Leave this section for later.

2. Layer Suave Professionals Sleek Anti-Frizz Cream and Volumizing Root Boost Spray on hair for texture and grip. Use a flat brush like the Mason Pearson and blow dry hair, directing it back and down for a chignon. Suave Professionals Dry Shampoo is essential for this particular step!

3. To put hair up in a chignon, make another “V” section in the back center of the head, keeping the sides clipped away. Tease hair in a horizontal section starting from the top of the “V”. Concentrate on the roots and mist Suave Professionals Touchable Finish Lightweight Hold Hairspray to keep teased sections in place. Brush this teased section down and make it flat to the head. Twist section and pin away.

4. Tease the sides, taking vertical sections and following the step above. Gently brush one side to the center back. Twist from the nape and secure with bobby pins linking them upwards together. Do the same on the other side but for this side, use “U” shaped pins for light grip so you don't disturb the shape.

5. Once the chignon is in place, take the top section down and blow dry layering a little more anti-frizz cream and volumizing root boost spray to the direction where you want the hair to stay.

6. Mist hairspray on this section and flat iron. Finish look with dry shampoo for extra texture.

Kim Kardashian | Marchesa gown

Kim Kardashian looked fabulous in a red Marchesa gown at the Heart Truth 2010 Fashion Show at New York Fashion Week. The fashion show showed of the Red Dress Collection 2010, which helps raise awareness about women's heart disease. Kim Kardashian was also in New York to promote her new fragrance and show her Bebe fashion line. Reggie Bush was also with her in New York City and Bryant Park.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Piercing - Body Jewelry

Once a symbol of power and wealth, now a fashion trend.

Piercing is the practice of puncturing or cutting any part of the body, to make a hole through which jewelry can be put. The most common and most widespread form of piercings is pierced ears, which has a majority of women and earrings are a common accessory.

Body piercing is present for thousands of years. The Mummy 5000 years old, found 1991 on the Austrian glacier had pierced ears. Pierced nose is mentioned in the Bible as well as its symbolic meaning in terms of wealth, status and power. Piercing is widespread throughout the world and among different cultures - it was done by the Aztecs, Mayans, Indians, various African tribes ...

We talked with experts for tattoo and piercing, and this is what we found out. Ears, nose, eyebrows and lips piercing are the most popular today, and genital piercing is increasing its popularity.

What body part is the hardest and easiest to pierce?
The most complicated to do is female genital piercing, while the simplest are eyebrows, nose or lips. Ears can be complicated if it comes to piercing of cartilage. A person who is engaged in piercing should be familiar with anatomy, where to pierce and which needles to use. Conditions in which piercing is done must be sterile, and needles have to be used only once. We had the opportunity to observe live tongue piercing. Contrary to expectations, there was no blood, and the entire process was completed in less than 10 minutes.

Taking care of your piercing
Care is the same with most piercing, except for oral piercing. You should buy a piercing disinfection product. Before touching your piercing, you should wash your hands. The first few days the lymph will go from the wound which has to be cleaned daily. Put some disinfection product on the wound and spin your piercing 4-5 times so this product gets in the wound. Healed piercing must be cleaned (rinse and spin) in the shower so the dirt and sweat are removed from the hole.

There can be some complications with a piercing, but everything can be repaired. With tongue and genitals piercing usually there are no complications. Most problematic is the navel, which can often become infected (bacterial inflammation). In this case, you should not take out the jewelry because the infection could only get worse. You have to contact your doctor so that he can take care of this.

When your piercing is new you should always wear it because a hole can close if you don't wear it for couple of hours. Longer you have the piercing, it will take more time to remove the hole. For example, if someone is wearing a nose piercing for a long time, and he doesn't want to wear it anymore, even after three years a hole will still be there.

When will my piercing heal?
It depends on which part of the body the piercing is done, because everything heals differently. For example, tongue, eyebrows or nose will heal in four weeks, while the belly button will heal in three months, and internal or external cochlea in 3-6 months.

Allergies to metals
All the jewelry that we use in made of medical titanium, which do not cause any inflammation or reaction. There is also plastic jewelry that was tested and does not cause allergies.

Where to buy the best body jewelry?
Body Candy is the most popular and trusted body jewelry and accessories store on the web. They are offering body jewelry that is of the highest quality and the largest variety of types & styles. Check out the best offer of body jewelry Click Here
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On The Red Carpet - Vanity Fair's Krista Smith's Style

I don't know what you will be doing tonight, but I will be watching Vanity Fair's Krista Smith and Tim Gunn in their Oscar's Pre Show on ABC
(since I don't have TV at home this is going to take some maneuvering, but I will see this show)

From the Vanity Fair website
Oscars Fashion: Krista Smith Opts for Armani

Vanity Fair’s West Coast editor Krista Smith, who’ll co-host ABC’s Oscars pre-show on Sunday alongside Robin Roberts, Tim Gunn, and Maria Menounos, will wear Armani, complemented with Beladora jewels. The long navy gown and Art Deco–style jewelry were picked for their Old Hollywood feel, Smith says: “I will be doing my best to channel Rita Hayworth—although, considering she was one of the great beauties, it might be a stretch,” she laughs. “At least it will be my mindset!”

Channeling Rita Hayworth - not a bad idea except for the smoking
she was Hollywood glamour personified

so Krista will be wearing Armani and Art Deco Estate Jewelry (from you know where)
that's a whole lot of awesomeness.

unlike Wendy B and her fancy backless Zang Toi dress, the closest I'm ever going to get to Graydon and his Vanity Fair Oscar bash is loaning out a little Beladora bling.

Folica Contest

Gorgeous hair is a powerful thing: It boosts your confidence, lifts your mood, and makes men swoon. And since is all about the hair, we want to celebrate your greatest hair moments.

Just upload a photo of your best hair day ever, and you could score a three-day trip for two to New York City.

What You'll Win

Airfare and accommodation to NYC
for you and a friend (3 days, 2 nights)
An Allure-inspired makeover from
Tommy Bucket
A tour of Allure's headquarters
A full basket of Best of Folica products
and tools ($500 value)

How To Enter

Upload your great hair day photo on
Enter antihairslave as the fan code!
Share your submission with friends.
Vote on which great hair day you like best!
"Like" Folica on Facebook to learn about
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Protective Style: Runway to Real Life

After a busy New York Fashion Week, Redken Creative Consultant Guido is across the pond in Milan getting ready for a week of innovative styles, before heading to Paris to finish Fashion Month. Guido kicked off his week in Milan with the Alberta Ferretti show, and created a very 60s chignon with a boyish swoop over the eye and small pieces left out just in front of the ears.

"Alberta has a very strong opinion about the woman she wants to send down the runway each season. This season we decided on a look that was simple 60s feel, yet stylized. Almost twiggy- like but with a boyish feel."
Create the look:
- Create a low side part on the left. Wet hair and apply velvet gelatine 07 cushioning blow-dry gel and blow dry in

- Spray quick dry 18 instant finishing spray in sections and back comb to create the "Bardot-like" height at the crown

- Pull all hair into a low ponytail at the nape of the neck. Coil ponytail around itself into a chic chignon and pin with hairpins

- Pull pieces out at either side in front of the ear with a tail comb as not to disturb the rest of the hair

- Finish entire look with shine flash 02 glistening mist for extra sheen on the runway (and for your personal runway)!

Rihanna Hairstyles for 2011

We all like Rihanna and we love that anytime she “messes” with her hair, she only looks better. How can she do it?! Take a peek at this article and follow our advice, then choose a hairstyle that you like best and go straight to your hairdresser to “make it possible for you!”.


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Yves Saint Laurent Spring Collection

"SHOES 2011"

Presenting new wedge sandal with different accent and pattern look so nice and cozy

"Nike Running Shoes" ..Why People Like It

Having that Nike slogan remind me of what it takes to like the 40-year-old I see when I look in the mirror -priceless! You know one experience is so amazing with nike trainers!

The “Just Do It” the slogan gets me out the door on the days when I do not want to. It reminds me to be a Tiger or as aka Nike spokesman, when all I want to do is sleep. It makes me want to “Be like Mike Jordan and soar towards the finish line.

The rubber sole that seems to make a special connection to every contour of my feet, the easy string ups that never get tangled, the breathable fabric that fights back the scorching Georgia summers, like old friends – they take care of my feet. All strong points are from Nike Taking.

Once strung on, my feet rest as if in a familiar cocoon, ready for the journey of the day. It’s almost as if they ask, “Where are we going on this 5, 10, 15 mile journey today?” For the elder people, the shoes can be a good partner in their casual life. [via]

The Trip To Telluride - Part Two

As far as I'm concerned, the place to stay in Telluride was in Mountain Village, not in the actual town of Telluride which was situated in narrow claustrophobic valley.
Granted the Village was a bit removed and a car was required,
but unlike the town it was quiet and had expansive views

The house that we stayed in was part of the Lodges on Sundance
all built with classic Western style log construction.
It was adjacent to the Sundance run
so it had the all important ski in - ski out access

There were windows everywhere so there was plenty of interior light
not that you can tell from this photo

Here's the image from the rental website.
See how bright it was?
I loved the fact that the house was decorated in warm shades of earthy brown with comfy wing chairs, a distressed leather couch, a cozy fireplace and a flat screen tv.

Looking backwards from the living room was an open kitchen with carved wood cabinets and granite counters.  Above it was the open loft-office.

In the corner next to the kitchen was the dinning area with comfortable high backed chairs and a large wooden table.
Since there were six of us staying in the house I appreciated the spaciousness of the interior.
I also loved all of the details in the decoration such as this antler chandelier

and this carved wood armoire
I would definitely recommend the Lodges on Sundance
as long as you can handle the altitude.
Finally, on the topic of altitude, the highlight of my trip was taking the gondola up the mountain to meet up with some friends for drinks then dinner at Allred's Restaurant
The food was great and the view of the valley was amazing.
If you go to Telluride, in summer or winter, do not miss Allred's.