Saturday, March 29, 2014

7 Best Way To Wash Your Face

7 best way to wash your face, fist change your pillow case weekly and use a fresh towel daily to avoid contaminating your face.

step 1
wash your face with warm water and a mild cleanser and pate dry with a clean towell

step 2
apply toner and wait for it to dry tonor is useful for those with extremely oily skin.

step 3
apply any topical medications such as a acne treatment

step 4

apply eye cream or serum in late dry. this will help prevent collagen damage.

step 5
apply mosturiser drying out your skin will actually cause it to produce more oil

step 6
apply sun screen with spf of at least 30 to protect your skin from harmful ultraviolet rays

step 7
apply makeup primer of foundation and proceed with your makeup routine

Top 10 Popular Social Media Celebrities

Today we are going to discuss what and who are the top 10 social media celebrities where we will also discuss how many twitter followers they have and how many facebook likes there fan page has got. it includes all international celebrities like rihanna, lady gaga ,eminemjustin bieber, katy perry, taylor swift selena gomej, miley cyrus, kim kardashian and kanye west. well i can tell you that :-

Top 10 Popular Social Media Celebrities
Top 10 Popular Social Media Celebrities

rihanna is at the first place
on the second place lady gaga
on the third place eminem
on the 4th place justin bieber
on 5th place katy perry
on 6th place taylor swift
on seventh place selena gomej
on at play smiley cyrus
on 9th place kim kardashian and
on the 10th place kanye west

well these are the top 10 international celebrities who are very popular on social media like twitter, facebook and google plus. people are following them and following their actions in real life. so this was all about who are the top 10 popular social media celebrities till 2015.

Top 10 Popular Social Media Celebrities
Top 10 Popular Social Media Celebrities

i think you all know why they are most popular first is at rihanna we all know rihanna is very famous for his sad songs now we talk about the lady gaga. lady gaga is also famous for his customs i mean the way she wears clothes is very random and very awkward but people like it now eminem we all know that eminame is the rape god. his raping is one of the best in the world and people really admire his rap songs like honey singh do in india. well what about justin bieber. justin bieber is famous for his cute love songs. girls really like we talk about katy perry. katy perry's also famous for her body shapes and a good songs. now we talk about the taylor swift now taylor swift and justin bieber are similar in age that's why men and young boys love her. teenagers like taylor swift. taylor swift is the dream girl for them. now his ex girlfriend i mean...i am talking about justin bieber's ex girlfriends selena gomez. selena gomez is also a popular just because of their love relationship with justin bieber. selena gomez love songs really popular now a days. we have seen in a movie where she posed naked. so that maybe a good reason for his popularity.  now we talk about the kim kardashian and kanye west we all know they're mms is still getting popularity and attention. this is the only reason why are socialight like kim kardashian is famous and kanye west because of his bad songs.

How Much It Costs To Make Batman

do you know how much it costs to make a batman? do you know what is the cost of his suite? what is the cost of his residence?how much it cost to make his weapons. like we see in action movies batman's super cars are equipped with the machine guns, missile systems and automatic it converts into a flying object and what is the cost of its residents? how much hollywood director has paid to make a such a beautiful residence and all the cost of is gadgets? Those gadgets are hot and very powerful used in the movie so in this infographic we will discuss about how much it cost to make a perfect batman and also with the all batman's training in education cost. it includes everything  that made batman a super hero.

Top 10 Highest Earning Celebrities of 2013

Top 10 Highest Earning Celebrities of 2013, Yes this are the top 10 celebrity who became more rich incomewise.

Yes they are not less than forrtball sports starts these are the hollywood celebrioties whose earning sra efar more than the bollywood celebrities.

How Much Celebrity Get Paid To Tweet

How Much Celebrity Get Paid To Tweet, Yes they do not do it for free. know it here how much they receive for tweeting.

What do you think. do they do anything for free no, not at all because they have established them as a brand and now receive money for anything and even for tweeting. Today you will know how much they get paid to tweet for someone or for themself. Either it is a movie promotion or something else they charge for everything.